Pictures are a few years old.
NAME: Christine
20 years old. 16/04 -1997
Just a normal girl living in a small town. Born a little over 20 years ago, currently studying at the local upper secondary school with plans to move to the big city to study at university. 
I dream of helping other people in any way possible. I want to work with something which gives me the opportunity to help people. Hopefully one day I can stay in a developing country to experience their everyday life and what life there really is like. I want to raise money and donate money to different charities in hope of helping at least someone in the world. 
I want to travel the world. My biggest dream is to visit every country, but my goal is to at least visit every European country. Japan is the number one country I want to visit, followed by places like New Zealand, Korea and North America.
I love to write. Writing is my way of expressing myself, my feelings, thoughts and imagination. My favourite thing about school is writing essays. At some point in my life I want to write a novel and have it published. 
I love nail art. I don't think of myself as a creative person, but I love to paint my nails and be creative using nail polish and nail art decoration. 
Other things I like? Buying books, cacti, watching movies, cats, the smell of a new book, taking pictures, anime, binge-watching tv series, planning, making lists, watching YouTube videos, going to concerts, owls.