05.37 pm / daily life · photography

I've been at my grandma's house for about a week and a half, and since it's been raining every single day I haven't done much more than started re-watching Two and A Half Men, planned my calendar for next year and worked on a new blog design. I'm hoping for more sunny days before I leave so I can take more pictures and maybe get some footage for a video.  


10.53 pm / daily life · photography

A week ago me and two of my friends decided to have a picnic - one thing checked off my "things to do this summer" -list! I, with the help of my friends, filmed some clips and since then I've been, except for dying in bed with 38,3 degrees fever, editing the clips and made it into a video.

I'm not really happy with how it turned out but it was hard to get it as I wanted since I wasn't the only one who filmed and none of us three are really used to filming. But check it out if you want anyway! I have a few video ideas so I might be making more videos in the near future. 



09.23 pm / daily life · uncategorised · writing

Spend more time with my friends. Since me and my friends started at new schools this year it was a bit stressful for us everyone and we didn't really have time to spend time with each other, but I really hope none of us will be too busy the whole summer. I also have some friends who don't really live near me and I really wish I can meet them at some point too.
Read at least three books. I've been stuck on Mockingjay for almost a year (oops), so I really need to finish that one. I also want to reread The Fault In Our Stars before I see the movie. And then I just have to choose a book out of the 20-something I own but haven't read yet. 
Have a picnic. I haven't had a picnic in years, so having a picnic on a sunny day with your best friends sounds like a really great thing to do this summer.  
Study more Spanish. I've already studied a little on duolingo, but I stopped for a while because I had a few important school projects to do. But now I have time again so I'm gonna sit down and study and hopefully I get to study it at school this autumn. 
Enjoy and be happy. This is probably the most important one on this list. Life is short, and so is this summer. So I am, and hopefully you too, gonna try to make this the best summer yet. It doesn't matter if it ends up being the worst summer, what matters is that we at least try to make the best out of every day.