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Plans for this week: I'll probably be studying quite a bit the whole week. I'll also meet a friend, maybe go explore some areas in Helsinki and hopefully get the last of my things unpacked. I finally got my bullet journal last weekend, so I'll probably be starting that, too.
Something positive about this week: I'm seeing one of my friends for the first time in years!!! And the fact that I'm starting my university studies is quite exciting, too.  
Something negative about this week: I won't see my cat this week since I'm not going home to Hanko this weekend.
Food plans for this week: Something cheap, fast, easy but delicious. I've already eaten pasta twice this week, so maybe I'll keep eating it. For the weekend I might make something more exciting, maybe vegan wienerschnitzel? Hmm... 
Book/writing plans for this week: No writing plans here, but I'd really want to finish Doing it by Hannah Witton! I've been stuck on it the whole summer, and I only have a few pages left. 
Tv/movie plans for this week: I've been catching up with tv-shows for the past few months, so I'll continue to do that. I have two episodes left of Teen Wolf, and next on my list is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Music for this week: I actually really want to find some new songs to add to my playlist! I've been listening to the same few songs on repeat for a good while now.
Blog post plans for this week: This is most likely my second and last post for this week.
A wish for this week: I'll have a good start to my studies and I'll fall in love with bullet journaling. As well as just having a great week and being happy. 
I got the idea for this list from Soufie. 
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