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I'm sure everyone has at some point come across the beautyblender by now. If not, - it's a makeup sponge. There are four different sponges - original, pure, pro and I have the bright pink original one.
I knew this was a pretty expensive product, therefore I didn't want to buy it at first. When I saw it in the store I gave in and bought it. Finnish people can also finally find this in stores!
What makes the beautyblender different is that it's shaped like an egg so it's edgeless, which means it won't leave any streaks on your face which often happens with other applicators. You're supposed to wet the sponge and use when it is damp. This makes it almost twice as big, which you can see in the picture above. When using a beautyblender, you also use less foundation (or other product).
There are also specific cleansers for the beautyblender. There is both a solid one and a liquid one. I just recently bought one, so I can't tell much about it. You're supposed to clean the sponge after every use, which feels unnecessary, but it's an expensive product so I would take proper care of it too. 
Here are two unedited pictures of how my foundation turned out when I used the beautyblender. In the picture to the right you can see half of my face bare and half with foundation. As you can see the result with the beautyblender is very natural.
I give the beautyblender 4,5 out of 5 stars. The product is amazing, but it is still very expensive, and making it wet and washing it every time isn't exactly what you want to do. I really recommend this though, and you shouldn't leave it on the shelf just because of the price. It really does the job and the result is great. I bought the sponge for around 15€ (I got it for a few euros cheaper) and the cleanser for 17€.

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