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 I haven't painted my nails in ages, and my friend's birthday party was a perfect reason for me to sit down and paint them. These pictures are taken a few days after I painted them, so the nails are already a little chipped.
Wild&Mild base coat | Essie - Thigh High | Depend Art Liner No. 1061 | Seppälä I Love This Matt Top Coat

I decided to go with a really simple design with some golden dots. I started with a base coat, of course, and painted my nails red before applying some dots with a dottong tool. I decided to go with a matt finish to make it a little more special.


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You might have just found the wonderful world of nail art, and now you're wondering what are some nail art supplies you should get. Here's seven things I personally think you should own to make it easier to show the creative side of yourself on your nails, except for nail polish obviously.

Nail files and buffer blocks. Do I even need to add anything to this?
Dotting tools. These are great for, well, dots. There are dotting tools in different sizes, so whenever you want a bigger dot there's no need to try to make one with the small ends. An alternative for dotting tools are tooth picks or bobby pins.
Cuticle trimmer. I rarely use the actual trimmer side of this, unless I feel like it really is necessary. Instead I use it a lot to push back my cuticles.
Brushes. Different brushes are something I think every nail art enthusiast should own. They're great for different kind of stripes and details, and there's lots of different sizes and types. This is the set of brushes I have. If you're someone who's really into details, nail art pens might be something for you! 
Tweezers. This shouldn't really be in this list actually, unless you're an active user of nail art decorations. Tweezers make it so much easier! There are also tools that are specifically made for this, but the one's I've tried haven't really worked that well.
Top and base coats. Top coats make your nail polish last longer, and base coats often contain stuff like vitamins and protein to protect your nails. I also have clear nail polish which I use when I don't feel like having any colour on my nails, or sometimes as a top coat if I don't want my nail polish/art to last a long time.
Nail tapes. These are so great to own! You can use them to create the perfect lines or cool nail art, by leaving or removing the tape when finished.
Nail art supplies are often very expensive (or is that just Finland?), so I like to order mine from miniinthebox. They have lots of stuff for really cheap, I always order from there! Another online store, which I haven't ordered from but I've heard a lot about it, is Born Pretty Store. They also have a wide selection of nail art supplies, but it's a little more expensive than the first one.
What are some things you think everyone should own?


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I saw on my friend Susanna's blog a make up challenge, - you do your makeup on only half of your face and take a picture showing the difference. I thought this was a really interesting idea so I decided to do it myself, and share some of my thoughts.
My everyday makeup look is foundation, transparent powder, concealer, usually a little bit of bronzer and blush, eyeliner, eyebrow shadow and mascara. The difference isn't even that massive. I look less tired, that's pretty much it. 

I don't feel too comfortable leaving my house completely without makeup. I usually wear at least mascara and concealer to cover the possible dark circles under my eyes. But that doesn't mean I feel like I need it. I can leave the house without makeup if I want to. I don't feel beautiful without it, but I don't feel beautiful with it either. 
I don't wear makeup to cover or hide anything. I simply wear makeup just because I like it. The best thing with makeup is that it's creative, fun and a way to express yourself. 
It's super important for everyone to remember that most girls don't wear makeup because of someone else. Sure there might be some exceptions, but most girls wear makeup, exercise, wear a mini skirt just for our own good. Because we want to, and because we like it. Not because someone else wants us to, because someone else thinks we should do it or because they think it looks good. Because honestly, who the fuck has the time to sit and think what everyone else thinks?
You see a lot of people every day - no matter gender or age, who have bad self-esteem and self-confidence. It's mostly about looks and appearance, which is sad. Who cares if you have a spot or two on your face or if you weigh a few kilos too much. You're still beautiful. And you're most likely the only one who cares, or even notices it.
And the most important thing, - no one is perfect. There isn't such thing as perfect. Everyone has more or less flaws. But that doesn't mean there isn't anyone out there who loves your flaws. Just because you aren't perfect doesn't mean no one won't love you. There's at least one person out there somewhere who loves you and all your perfections and imperfections. 
You're beautiful, with or without makeup, remember that.


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This is the first nail design I did using something of the stuff I got the other day.  

I didn't take pictures of the nail polishes I used, as my base coat I used Rimmel's 5 in 1 Base & Top Coat to protect my nails, H&M's black nail polish Manhunter. and Viva La Diva's Gel Top Coat. I added the rhinestones from miniinthebox on each nail with the help of tweezers while the black nail polish was still wet. 

Also, I'm sorry you can see my scar from the surgery on the middle picture. I don't think it looks too bad and you can't really see that much of it, so I didn't edit it out. Hopefully no one finds it triggering or anything like that.


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I ordered some nail decorations a few weeks ago and today I finally got them in the mail, so I thought I would show you what I got. I also bought a new phone case, which I'll show you in another post later. I bought everything from miniinthebox

psst. every x is a link to the product. 

1,83€ x / x 1,83€
I bought a pack of 12 different shaped and coloured decorations, there's yellow flowers, red hearts, silver rectangles etc. This was a bit of a disappointment because they were a bit different from the picture on the website, but you can't really expect much when buying from a website like this. The difference isn't that big, not exactly what I wanted but I'll still have use for all of these too! I also bought these simple different coloured studs.
 0,73€ x / x 1,83€
I also bought these like silver-transparent rhinestones. They looked a lot better on the website but they're not too bad irl. I actually painted my nails today and used them, so I'll probably show some pictures tomorrow (or knowing me it'll probably take two weeks). Then I also bought silver square studs.
2,75€ x 
This is 12 different coloured striping tapes. To be honest I was probably the most excited about this because I now no longer need to use regular tape for nail art, YAY!


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For this nail art design I used the Mavala 48 Black and 49 White nail polishes, Viva la Diva's top coat and a dotting tool.

Since I had the third surgery for my finger at the beginning of June, I finally yesterday got to do some nail art after what felt like forever and I think I was a bit too excited about it. For some reason it looks a lot better irl than in the close-up picture???

I ordered some nail art decorations the other day too, which I'm very excited about.


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Lately I've just been doing simple nail art designs, so the other day I felt like trying something different and a bit more difficult, so I searched for pictures of tribal nail art. I found a lot of nice ones, but decided to do this easy, but kinda pretty one instead, even though that was not my plan. Maybe next time.

     / Kone Helsinki Matte M13 (blue) / Viva la Diva 133 (gold) / Depend Art Liner Nr. 1062 (black) / Viva la Diva Top CoatDotting Tool /

P.S. Read what I wrote about All Time Low's concert on Sandra's blog here. (in Swedish)


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I got bored of the nail art I made two weeks ago (picture here!), so I tried to do some animated cartoon nail art... which kinda failed. First of all, I didn't have matte top coat so it didn't end up exactly like it should have, and for some reason it was really hard to get the nails on the right hand somewhat nice. But it does still look pretty cool and I really like this nail art.

I painted my nails with the French Kiss nail polish from H&M before outlining them. I don't own a dotting tool, so I used a bobby pin for the dot. I used the Rimmel Lycra PRO Daisy White nail polish for the white line, because it's lighter than the other ones I have and I thought it would be cuter with light lines. I should have used a smaller brush though. As both base and top coat I used Maybelline Color Show Clear Shine.

the hunger games

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DETTA KOM I POSTEN IDAG SÅ NU ÄR JAG VÄLDIGT SUPER MEGA LYCKIG YAY. Så nu vet ni alla vart jag kommer befinna mig ikväll. Fast först ska jag fixa lite på Maries bloggdesign. :)

Dessutom har jag lackat naglarna igen. In case någon är intresserad så ser de ut såhär. 


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DET ÄR JÄVLIGT SVÅRT ATT FOTA SINA EGNA NAGLAR OK? Lackade mina naglar för några dagar sedan och ville ha någonting annorlunda, så det blev Ed inspirerade. Idén fick jag härifrån och gjorde nästan lika, lillfingren gjorde jag lite annorlunda. På vänster står det 'U.N.I' eftersom det är en av mina favoritlåtar av Ed, och på högra handen ska det föreställa en fågel (låten Little Bird). Sammanlagt gjorde jag dem i ca. 10h, en dag var det 6h i streck, så även om de blev ganska fula så ville jag inte bara ta bort allting, som ni säkert förstår.