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I recently got obsessed with watching planner videos like plan with me and planner supplies hauls, and because of those I got inspired to start decorating my own planner, so I started planning and looking for stickers from Etsy. I've already placed my first order, and I'm soon going to place my second one.

I am going to make some planner related blog posts, not sure how many but there's going to be at least a few. I know these kinds of posts and videos aren't for everyone, but I really want to blog about this because I think it's really interesting to see how other people use their planners and who knows, I might inspire someone along the way.

This school year I'm using a planner from Burde. I asked my friend to buy one for me since I couldn't myself, and when I got it in the mail today she had written a letter saying I could consider it a late birthday/early Christmas present. How incredibly nice. So again, thank you so much (if you're reading this)!
The reason why I wanted this planner was because it comes with four different covers you can choose from, or you could just make your own, which is what I am going to do.

You can also choose between having a black or a white back cover, or making your own.

The weekly view is nothing special, just like any other planner really. The hours go from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., so you can use those if you want. There's plenty of space for notes on the second page, but there's also some space for notes for each day.

Back in the calender there's a note section, with both squared and ruled pages. There's also a few pages where you can write down addresses, numbers and/or e-mails.

There's also some pages with information about financial aid for students, how to apply for schools and studying abroad. There's a list of different smileys and also a size chart so you can compare the shoe and clothing sizes around the world. I don't think I need any of these, but they're nice little additions to the planner and might be useful for someone. 

Bästa kalendern!

Svar: Joo den e nog rikit bra! Den e så simpel och utan någo extra saker men ändå lätt att göra lite mer personlig :)

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