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You might have just found the wonderful world of nail art, and now you're wondering what are some nail art supplies you should get. Here's seven things I personally think you should own to make it easier to show the creative side of yourself on your nails, except for nail polish obviously.

Nail files and buffer blocks. Do I even need to add anything to this?
Dotting tools. These are great for, well, dots. There are dotting tools in different sizes, so whenever you want a bigger dot there's no need to try to make one with the small ends. An alternative for dotting tools are tooth picks or bobby pins.
Cuticle trimmer. I rarely use the actual trimmer side of this, unless I feel like it really is necessary. Instead I use it a lot to push back my cuticles.
Brushes. Different brushes are something I think every nail art enthusiast should own. They're great for different kind of stripes and details, and there's lots of different sizes and types. This is the set of brushes I have. If you're someone who's really into details, nail art pens might be something for you! 
Tweezers. This shouldn't really be in this list actually, unless you're an active user of nail art decorations. Tweezers make it so much easier! There are also tools that are specifically made for this, but the one's I've tried haven't really worked that well.
Top and base coats. Top coats make your nail polish last longer, and base coats often contain stuff like vitamins and protein to protect your nails. I also have clear nail polish which I use when I don't feel like having any colour on my nails, or sometimes as a top coat if I don't want my nail polish/art to last a long time.
Nail tapes. These are so great to own! You can use them to create the perfect lines or cool nail art, by leaving or removing the tape when finished.
Nail art supplies are often very expensive (or is that just Finland?), so I like to order mine from miniinthebox. They have lots of stuff for really cheap, I always order from there! Another online store, which I haven't ordered from but I've heard a lot about it, is Born Pretty Store. They also have a wide selection of nail art supplies, but it's a little more expensive than the first one.
What are some things you think everyone should own?

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