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And just like that Eurovision is over again! 
Sweden and Måns Zelmerlöw took first place with 365 points. x
Finland's and Sweden's are the only songs I listen to beforehand, as I don't want to hear any of the songs before the big final. This year Finland and Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät unfortunately didn't get to the final, which is such a shame. The song wasn't good, but it would have been so important for them to be there. This year was the 60th Eurovision, and Australia got the honour to participate.
Overall I didn't like Eurovision this year. There was nothing wrong with what Austria put together, they did an amazing job! But there were too many ballads, and the performances were nothing special, really. Where was all the glitter, crazy costumes and weird things? Vampires, monsters, dancing discoballs, women in mini skirts? It felt more like an actual singing competition than Eurovision. 
It looked like Russia was going to win for a long time, but they ended up second with 303 points. Australia got 196 points, which was enough for a 5th place. x / x
I spent the night with my friends and we gave points to all the contestants. The winner was clearly Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw as we all gave him 12 points, and the one with the least points was Cyprus and John Karayiannis with only one point from us all (we agreed beforehand that 1 point is the least we'll give anyone). There weren't many countries that got more than 5 points from me, only Israel and Russia both 6 points, Australia got 8 and Sweden got 12. 
Eurovision isn't supposed to be an actual singing competition for me. The more weird and 'what the fuck' moments there are the better. Someone who deserves to win is someone who I actually remember when the voting starts. This year it was actually more like someone I remember 10 seconds after the song has ended. Someone who is different, and stands out, but also has a great performance and song, is the winner for me. 
This year it was Sweden. Remember - "we are all heroes, no matter who we are, who we love or what we believe in."
What did you think of Eurovision this year? Who was your favourite and least favourite, and what did you think of the winner?

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