Books I Want to Read in 2017

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I don't really have any specific books I want to read this year, so this is really more of a "what I want to read" list. Let's be real, I probably won't even get to half of these, but these are just what I would like to read, and hopefully I will read at least some.
This year I want to read...
➤ A Harry Potter book. Yes, I am one of those who haven't read the books yet. Don't judge me. I own them all though! 
➤ A non-fiction book. This is overall something I want to read more of. 
➤ A book in Swedish. I pretty much only read books in English, which means my vocabulary in my mother tongue isn't as good as it could be. This year I want to read at least one book in Swedish, which won't be very hard since I do own quite a few. A book in Finnish would be nice too, but I know I definitely won't get to that one.
➤ A book I've had on my TBR list for a very long time. When I say "a long time", I mean years. 
➤ A book I've started before, but not finished. Not sure if I have more than two of these, but at least it will be easier to choose.
➤ A book that fits into the "diversity" category. I believe I only own one of these, but there's so many more I want to read too. This probably means book shopping, which I'm not too mad about!
What are some books you want to read this year?

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