12.14 am / beauty & nail art

I got bored of the nail art I made two weeks ago (picture here!), so I tried to do some animated cartoon nail art... which kinda failed. First of all, I didn't have matte top coat so it didn't end up exactly like it should have, and for some reason it was really hard to get the nails on the right hand somewhat nice. But it does still look pretty cool and I really like this nail art.

I painted my nails with the French Kiss nail polish from H&M before outlining them. I don't own a dotting tool, so I used a bobby pin for the dot. I used the Rimmel Lycra PRO Daisy White nail polish for the white line, because it's lighter than the other ones I have and I thought it would be cuter with light lines. I should have used a smaller brush though. As both base and top coat I used Maybelline Color Show Clear Shine.

floating books

01.33 pm / home

I got three Conceal bookshelves, two small and one big. It makes the books look like they're floating on the wall since you can't see the actual shelf. SO COOL. 

You can buy your own from amazon here, or umbra here.