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Last week, a few days before my move(!!), I went to Cafferie (maybe better known as Café Regatta as it was called before) with my friend Moa. I had offered to buy her lunch as a part of her birthday present. Unfortunately they were out of the chanterelle soup by the time we went there (it's the best!), but instead we took a salad each. My friend went for an asian sesame salad with chicken, and I decided to go out of my comfort zone and took the vegan one. 
The asian sesame with chicken salad. 
My vegan salad. It consisted of lettuce, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, guacamole, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic vinegar, topped with some parsley. The reason I said I stepped out of my comfort zone is because I'm not a fan of beans or avocado, and I had never really tried sundried tomatoes. I'm glad I chose this one though, because the tomatoes were the only thing I couldn't eat. 
If you're ever in Hanko or Ekenäs during lunch time, I strongly recommend trying Cafferie. They have super good lunches and their salads are always available to order. They also offer cakes, which I actually haven't tried myself, but I'm sure they're just as good as their food. The café is by the sea, so besides the good food, you also get a pretty great view.

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