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Last week, on Thurday, when I had a day off from university, I met my friend Susanna. She had booked a table for us at the cat café in Helsinki, Helkatti, so we spent some time there eating, talking and petting some cats.  
I ordered a cappuccino and a croissant filled with lettuce, basil, tomato and mozzarella, while Susanna ordered a salad. We decided to share a cake assortment with three different, small cakes. It was all very good, would recommend. 
There were about 8 cats I believe, most of them were sleeping for the most part but they all (?) did show up at some point. The café itself was very cute and cosy, and being surrounded by cats was a nice add to it. After the café we went to some shops at the centre, before heading to the jeminalovespaper shop, after which we both went our own ways again. Overall it was a nice day, and seeing Susanna again after years(!!) was fun. 
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Wow vilket coolt café! Mysigt med kattgos till fikat :). Älskar tass-kakan, så gulligt ju :)!

Svar: Det är det! Och gott var det också :-)

Svar: Ska absolut göra ett besök där om jag är i trakterna ;)! Bra tips :)!

Svar: Det ska du absolut! Det är ett jätte mysigt ställe :-)

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