March favourites

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I know, I know. I'm incredibly late with this post, but better late than never, right?
March was a really stressful month for me. I spent most of it just studying for my matriculation exams, as well as thinking about schools to apply for. But all that is now over, and what's left of this spring is studying for my entrance exam in May. The month was stressful and uneventful, but I still have some favourites from the month!
Right in the beginning of the month I went to Helsinki with my friend to a Harry Potter symphony concert, which also happened to be her birthday present to me (thank you!). It was a really nice experience and I would definitely go again if they decided to do this with the second movie too. If you have a chance to go to one of these, I recommend going! 
 My friend went to Sweden for a week and since there's Sephora there, I obviously asked her to do some shopping for me. So, I finally got to try these two products which I've heard so much about. My bank account did cry a lot, but I think it was worth it. I'm obviously talking about the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner eyeliner. I was thinking about making some kind of review posts about them, but I don't find that necessary. You've all heard about these and how good they are, and I agree. The eyeliner is actually the best one I've ever tried, honestly. I have ridiculously oily eyelids, and this one is the only one I've found that doesn't smudge at all and stays perfect the whole day.

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These two movie's are my favourites of the one's I saw last month. The Edge of Seventeen (2016), a teen movie, realistic and well-written, 4,5/5 stars. The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast (2017), a bit overhyped, but beautiful, 4/5 stars.
I was unsure whether I should add this one here or not. I didn't start reading it in March, neither did I finish it in March. But I finished it on April 1st so let's pretend it counts as a March fave. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a young adult fantasy book written by Ransom Riggs. I'm going to write about this book in a separate blog post, so stay tuned for that.
I could have mentioned probably over ten songs as my favourites, but I managed to cut them down to three. Ed Sheeran's new album, ÷ or Divideis amazing, but I'm keeping the list short and saying that my favourite songs are Galway Girl (and Shape of You). SAARA also released a new song, Superpowers. I was unsure at first, not sure if I liked it or not. After a few plays I couldn't stop listening to it though. My fave Robin also released a new song, Hula Hula feat. Nelli Matula. Love, love, love. All links go to Spotify.


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At first I was supposed to post a "current favourites" post, but since it's been so long since the last time I blogged, this won't just be about products. 

My old fairy lights broke a few months ago, and my mum found these purple ones that she thought would look nice in my room. Which they do! I especially love having them now around Christmas. 

We got iPads from school (they were not free, we do have to pay for them!) so obviously this is my new favourite thing. I hardly even use my computer anymore, using the iPad is so much easier. 

I got this mascara from my friend Susanna after her trip to USA and I love it. Unfortunately you can't get it from Finland and I don't think there's much left of mine anymore. How will I survive?

School isn't one of my favourites, but I didn't want to not mention this at all. As you might know, I started high school in August and it's actually going quite well. At times it gets really stressful, especially when I leave everything to the last minute and suddenly there's five different essays or other projects that need to be done that day. But I've still managed to get some pretty good grades, especially in languages! 
As you may or may not know, One Direction are finally coming to Finland. And they're having not only one, but two concerts here. And I'm going to both of them! My bank account hates me, but considering I've been a fan for years and I honestly thought I would never get to see them live, at least not in Finland, I just have to go. Also, their new album FOUR is so good! Even if you're not a fan, listen to it. Spotify link here.
I also finally managed to get a gym membership, which I'm really proud of myself for. A year ago if you would have asked me if I think I'll be going to the gym in a year, I would just have laughed. I created a "happy and healthy" blog a few months ago but I actually never did anything about it. But now! Click.


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These are some things I've bought in the past three months - May, June and July. Instead of showing these same products in a June/July favourites post, I decided to just add a thumbs up in the corner of the picture of my favourite products.
I felt like I needed a new phone case so I bought this super cute owl one. It looks and feels like hard material when it's on your phone, but it's actually a bit of a softer material. 2,75€ from miniinthebox.
Valio Eila Latte maitokahvijuoma This is my new favourite drink! You can find these original ones, mint flavoured and caramel flavoured in most grocery stores in Finland. The one in my picture is 1 litre, but there's also smaller ones. They cost around 2-4€ I believe. 
I only have one pair of shoes and I use them every day no matter what the weather is, so the ones I bought 3 or 4 years ago are not exactly the best ones anymore. These ones are a bit different than my old ones but hopefully I'll learn to love these as much as the old ones. 99,90€ from Union Five.

Cutrin Chooz Professional Refreshing Dry-shampoo This is the first dry shampoo I've found that I actually like. It feels like my hair is somewhat clean and it doesn't really feel like I have anything in my hair. What sucks is that you can pretty much only buy this from hair salons, I bought it from Prisma but the nearest one is like an hour and a half away. Hopefully I can either find this one online or find another one I like because I need a new one soon. 100 ml 6-7€.

I've wanted/needed a new wallet for almost two years now, and I found this one in Estonia. At first I wasn't too sure about it since it's so big, but I've actually started to like it because I can also fit both my phone and keys in it, and sometimes if I don't need a bag with me I can just take my wallet and put everything in it. I bought it for 10€ from Tallinn.

Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer from Maybelline I've repurchased this one probably like five times now. It's suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin too - which is great. One thing I'm not really too happy about is that you might get a bit too much product out of it when you twist, but after using it for a few months it doesn't happen that often. There could also be a bit more product in it. 10,90€.

Midnight Sparkles Nail Polish from Tanya Burr If you watch YouTube videos you've probably heard of Tanya Burr at least once. A few months ago she launched her own lip and nail collection, with some really nice looking lip glosses and nail polishes. My friend ordered some things for herself and she was also kind enough to order this nail polish for me, since I couldn't. I'ts really hard to get the colour on picture, but it's a really nice dark purple colour. I'll make sure to blog more about it when I've tried it. 


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RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK - 206 NUDE PINK  I've never really been a lipstick girl, mostly because I haven't found a colour I like that's not too dark. I bought this one a while ago but I've only now actually started using it, and I absolutely love it. It's a bit darker nude and it's a great everyday lipstick. I also think this is a good one for people like me, who want to wear lipstick but are not really sure about really red/dark colours. 
ALOE DE LA ISLA FACE AND BODY CREAM  My mum bought this from Spain a few months ago, and I really liked using it mostly for my dry hands during the cold winter months. It can be a bit sticky when you use it for your hands, but it's nothing too disturbing. Lately I've also loved using it under my makeup. 

L300 FRESH HYDRATION CLEANSING GEL  I bought this a few weeks ago and I pretty much fell in love with it immediately. It makes your skin really soft and every time I use it I just spent a few minutes touching my own face. I sometimes use this to remove my makeup too (not my eye makeup), and it works really well.

CAILAP BY MARIELA SARKIMA THE SPONGE  I hate using makeup sponges, but this one is just great. You can use one of the sides on this sponge for foundation, and the other one for powder. You can wash it too, which is great so you don't have to buy a new one all the time. Since I personally love brushes more I probably won't be using this one too much, but it's perfect for travelling, or when my brushes are wet because I've washed them. 

MUSIC ANGEL FRIENDZ MINI SPEAKER  This is my new favourite thing. I bought this mini speaker for under 30 euros and it's about as big as a lightbulb. I wanted it for like summer days at the beach and stuff like that, and I absolutely love it. There's this colour thing under it which changes colour, so you know if it's on, on and charging or off and charging. 

ALPEN STRAWBERRY & YOGURT  I don't really know what to say about these haha. They're so good and great to eat when you're hungry but you're at school or something so you can't/don't have time to eat a proper meal.


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... album: Fall Out Boy - Save Rock And Roll, We The Kings - Somewhere Somehow. I also really liked One Direction's Midnight Memories and Lorde's Pure Heroin.
... song: We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing, OneRepublic - Counting Stars and Fall Out Boy - Alone Together.
... concert: I was at Justin Bieber's concert and one day at the Rock The Beach festival mostly just to see 30 Seconds To Mars. The Bieber concert was a really cool experience but I think the whole day at RTB was just really great. 

... movie: I don't think I went to watch any new movies other than Monsters University, The Smurfs 2, Kick-Ass 2, This Is Us and Catching Fire, but Catching Fire was definitely the best one of the ones I saw.
... book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
... youtuber: The Shaytards. If you have some extra time (even if you don't) you should definitely check them out. Click here. I never thought a family daily vlogging would make me as happy as they make me.

... beauty product: Garnier Pure Active 2in1 Purifying Makeup Remover Gel which I use almost every time I take off my makeup. I also really like Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder which I've repurchased a few times.
... piece of clothing: I've really started to like leggings and I absolutely love my a bit oversized knitted sweater I bought in April.
... nailart: The Pokemon nailart I did in August. Picture here.

... trip: I didn't really travel, but I really enjoyed the days I spent in Helsinki in June.
... dish: Definitely a spicy chicken soup I found the recipe for online. I don't even like soup, but I absolutely love this one. I'm thinking about maybe sharing the recipe here too. Stuffed chicken with couscous was also something I really need to make more of.  
... memory: Probably the weekend in April I spent in Helsinki when I went to Justin Bieber's concert, met Jack Howard, internet friends and did some shopping.

Monthly favourites - October / Music edition

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I have a new favourite artist, Lorde. I just absolutely love her voice and songs, and she's only 16 years old??? I love all of her songs from her debut album Pure Heroin, but if I have to choose a favourite it's probably Royals, Team and Tennis Court. Click on the song names for youtube links and here to find the album on Spotify. 

Other songs I've listened to a lot this month are..


MF - August | Things I like atm

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This is kind of a monthly favourites post, but I'd say it's more of a post with just things I like at this moment. So, here we go!

MAYBELLINE DREAM PURE 8-IN-1 BB CREAM. I have a really light skin tone, so it makes me really happy that I've finally found something that doesn't make me look like an idiot. And it's not even that expensive!

NAIL ART. I've always really liked doing nail art and the other day I made Pokemon nails, yay!  I really like them, it's really hard to make the circles look good though, but practise makes perfect, right?
FAIRY LIGHTS. Alright, don't judge me now, but fairy lights is one of my favourite things ever. Like, having them hanging in your room on the wall beside the bed, on the door or in my case, on the mirror. It makes the room look cuter and it's just really nice.
FRIENDS. Do I really have to explain this?


Monthly favourites - July

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Jag har bestämt mig för att börja blogga på engelska istället. Jag kommer inte skriva ett inlägg om varför, utan vill ni veta så svarar jag genom kommentarer. 

This is a new category, monthly favourites. I basically look back at what I did during the month and share my thoughts with you guys. I got this idea from beauty vloggers on youtube, but I'm gonna do it my way, because I'm not really into make up and stuff so. I hope you like this idea. 

Things that made me happy. Internet friends always make me really happy. I also spent some time with friends from school, which was nice because I haven't really met any friends this summer, but what made it even better was the fact that we were in Helsinki. Helsinki always makes me happy. 
Things that made me sad. The fact that there's a lot of people I can't meet whenever I want to. There's a few people I'd love to see like every day, but distance. If only I had lots of money so I could just take the train and leave this town whenever I feel like doing it, but I can't. There isn't really anything to do in this town either so that sucks a lot. 
Movie. The Notebook. I've never seen it before, but I finally decided to watch it. It was a really cute movie. I liked it.
Book. The fault in our stars, which I already made a blog post about. 
Music. I haven't really listened to new music this month, but one of my favourite bands, Panic! at the disco released a new single a few weeks ago, Miss Jackson. It's really good, and one of my favourite songs at the moment.
Food. I have once before eaten couscous, I can't remember when, but I know I liked it. This month I finally decided to buy some and oh-my-god it's so good! If I could, I wouldn't eat anything else for the rest of my life. 

One of my favourite pictures I took this month.

Nothing much really happened in July, I've mostly just been home doing absolutely nothing. Hopefully I'll be doing a little more in August. It was a okay month though, sometimes it's really nice not to do anything.